University of Madras Courses

Updated on: Apr 12, 2013
University of Madras offer a wide variety of courses in humanities, science and commerce. Given below is the list of courses offered by Madras University.
  • Adult & Continuing Education
    M. A.- Adult & Cont. Education

  • Anthropology
    M. A.-Anthropology

  • Arabic
    Certificate Course-Arabic
    M. A.-Arabic

  • Arts
    Certificate Course-French
    Certificate Course-German
    Diploma Programs-German
    M. A.-Bharatnatyam

  • Bio-informatics
    M.Sc.-Bio Informatics

  • Biochemistry
    M.Sc.-Bio chemistry

  • Biotechnology
    M.Sc.-Bio Technology
    P. G. Diploma-Herbal Biotechnology

  • Business and Management
    BBA-Business Administration

  • Business Economics
    P. G. Diploma-Indian Business Economics

  • Chemistry
    M.Sc.-Analytical Chemistry

  • Christian Studies
    M. A.-Christian Studies

  • Commerce
    Diploma Programs-Accounting and Auditing
    Diploma Programs-Taxation
    M.Com.-International Business
    M.Com.-Trade and Services

  • Communication Systems
    M. A.-Communication

  • Computer Applications
    BCA-Computer Applications
    Certificate Course-Computer Applications
    Certificate Course-E-Commerce
    MCA-Computer Applications

  • Corporate Secretaryship
    B. A.-Cooperation
    B.C.S.-Corporate Secretaryship

  • Economics
    B. A.-Economics
    M. A.-Economics

  • Education
    Diploma Programs

  • School Management

  • Electronics and Communication
    M.Sc.-Electronic Media
    M.Sc.-Electronic Science

  • English and Foreign Languages
    B. A.-English Literature
    M. A.-English Literature

  • Environmental Sciences
    M.Sc.-Environmental Science

  • Folklore¬† - Certificate Course
    Folklore and Native Theatre

  • French Diploma

  • Genetics
    M.Sc.-Biomedical Genetics

  • Geography
    B. Sc.-Geography
    M.Sc.-Applied Geography

  • Geology
    M.Sc.-Applied Geology

  • Herbal Farming
    Certificate Course-Herbal Farming

  • History
    B. A.-History
    M. A.- Ancient Indian History & Archaeology
    M. A.-History

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
    Certificate Course-Police Administration
    M. A.-Human Rights and Duties Education
    P. G. Diploma-Human Resource Management

  • Information Technology
    M.Sc.-Information Technology

  • Jainology
    M. A.-Jaina Studies

  • Law
    Diploma Programs-Labour Law

  • Library and Information Science
    B. Lib. I. Sc.-Library and Information Science
    M. LISc-Library and Information Science

  • Linguistics
    M. A.-Applied Linguistics

  • Management Studies - Diploma Programs-Management
    P. G. Diploma-Disaster Management
    P. G. Diploma-GIS Management
    P. G. Diploma-Herbal Product and Standardization

  • Maths
    B. Sc.-Mathematics
    Mech. Engg.,School of Engineering
    M.Sc.-Bio Physics

  • Medicine
    Certificate Course-Medicinal Plants
    Diploma Programs-Medical Transcription
    P. G. Diploma-Hospital Management
    P. G. Diploma-Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

  • Music & Dance
    Certificate Course-Dance Music
    Certificate Course-Understanding Music

  • Philosophy
    Certificate Course-Gandhian Philosophy and Peace Movements
    M. Phil-Philosophy

  • Photochemical Techniques
    Certificate Course-Photochemical Techniques

  • Plant Sciences
    M.Sc.-Applied Plant Science

  • Political Science
    M. A.-Political Science

  • Psychology
    B. Sc.-Psychology
    M.Sc.-Development Psycology

  • Public Administration
    B. A.-Public Administration

  • Sanskrit
    Certificate Course-Sanskrit
    Diploma Programs-Sanskrit
    M. A.-Applied Sanskrit

  • Science
    M.Sc.-Herbal Sciences

  • Tamil
    B. A.-Tamil Literature
    B.Lit.-Tamil Literature
    Certificate Course-Spoken Tamil
    Certificate Course-Written Tamil
    M. A.-Tamil Literature

  • Urdu
    M. A.-Urdu Literature

  • Vaishnavism
    B. A.-Vaishnavism

  • Womens Studies
    Certificate Course-Indian Feminism

  • Yoga
    Certificate Course-Yoga and Stress Management

  • Zoology
    Certificate Course-Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

Diploma Courses

  • Education
    Certificate Course - Dalit Studies

  • Public Administration
    M. A. - Public Administration
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