Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Courses

Updated on: Apr 12, 2013

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University offer a wide variety of courses in B.V.Sc. & A.H, B.F.Sc., B.Tech. (Food Processing Technology) and B.Tech.(Poultry Production Technology); post graduate courses namely M.V.Sc., in 20 Disciplines, M.F.Sc., in 8 Disciplines; and doctoral degree namely Ph.D., (Veterinary) in 19 Disciplines and Ph.D., (Fisheries) in 4 Disciplines. The University also offers various Postgraduate Diploma Courses and M.Phil. in Biotechnology.

Given below is the list of courses offered by the university

Undergraduate Degree Programme

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc & AH) (5 Years)
  • Bachelor of Fisheries Science (BFSc) (4 Years)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Food Processing Technology) B.Tech.(FPT) (4 Years)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Poultry Production Technology) B.Tech.(PPT) (4 Years)

Postgraduate Degree Programme

  • Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc) (2 Years)
  • Master of Fisheries Science (MFSc) (2 Years)

Doctoral Degree Programme

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Veterinary and Animal Sciences) (3 Years)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Fisheries Sciences) (3 Years)

Postgraduate Diploma Programme

  • PG Diploma in Business Management (Animal & Fisheries Sciences)
  • PG Diploma in Bio-informatics
  • PG Diploma in Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis
  • PG Diploma in Companion Animal Practice
  • PG Diploma in Wild Animal Disease Management

M.Phil. Programme

  • Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology

Ph.D. (in Veterinary and Fisheries Sciences)

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